Find the Recruits
That fit your

scoutSMART helps college football coaches efficiently find the best recruits for their program using a customized, easy to use recruiting analytics platform.

We have unique insights including the player’s predicted level of play, their disrupter score and academic performance. Our analytics allow us to evaluate which players will be successful at the next level for your unique programs. This increases the efficiency of the recruiting process enabling you to zero in on your top prospects faster and with more diligence.

Our all-in-one platform compiles hundreds of different stats into one easy to read profile, complete with hudl links, social media handles, coach’s notes and GPA to give you one go-to place for your recruits’ data. While other companies only look at one or two stats, we are the one-stop shop to a complete data profile that simplifies your recruiting and your life.

Whether you are on the field or in the office we offer access to the data you need, the way you need it. With three ways to access your data, you have the support you need, whether that’s a deep dive into the analytics on your desktop, a quick bird’s eye view on your mobile device, or a data feed directly into your recruiting system.