The scoutSMART college sports recruiting analytics help coaches filter through thousands of recruit profiles and data to find the recruits that are the best fit for their program. Our all-in-one platform compiles hundreds of different stats into one easy to read profile, complete with hudl links, social media handles, coach’s notes and GPA to give you one go-to place for your recruits’ data.

Find The Best

Our team, with help from NFL scouts, scoured 30 years of data to identify the core skills that predict success at the collegiate level. We carefully crafted our customizable algorithm to represent your specific scheme and style of play that FITs your program. scoutSMART identifies players that align with your preferences to create your championship winning roster.


At scoutSMART we understand that every program has unique needs. Our dozens of customizable settings enable you to filter and evaluate players that are a strong fit for your team. Search players using a variety of metrics including physical build, position, skill, academics, and geography.

Predicted Level

of Play

Our predicted level of play score evaluates a player’s overall size for the position and high school performance allowing coaches of all levels, from Power-5 to Juco, to focus on players most likely to commit to their program saving you time and money.


Players Board

Compare multiple players by position for a comprehensive view you need to make the best decisions for your program. Compare players by academics, stats, skill evaluations and other advanced metrics!


Recruit Board

Our Digital Recruit Board allows coaches and recruiting coordinators to organize, rank and compile information on players of interest in one centralized location so the entire staff can see the same information at the same time. You’ll get accurate and up-to-date information on each recruit including existing offers and overall program fit.

Advanced Metrics

Disrupter Score

Indicates the percentage of disruptive plays for a defensive player and includes Sacks, Tackles For Loss, Hurries, and Pass Breakups

Ball Security Score

We know the importance of protecting the ball. Our new Ball Security score tells you the percentage of ball security success

Whether you are on the field or in the office we offer access to the data you need, the way you need it. With three ways to access your data, you have the support you need, whether that’s a deep dive into the analytics on your desktop, a quick bird’s eye view on your mobile device, or a data feed directly into your recruiting system.

Frequently asked questions

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The Pro, Elite and Championship packages  allow for your entire staff to have access to both the desktop and mobile app.

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