Is the Wild, Wild West of NIL Over?

By Jason Longacre, Guest Contributor

Since NIL deals were allowed by the courts, there has been a decline in coaches preaching to players about their school. Recruit decisions have started to focus more on the opportunity to leverage NIL deals. One report by ESPN stated that Bryce Young, Quarterback for Alabama, has brought in close to one million dollars in NIL deals. Recruiting is more about money than what the school has to offer. If the NCAA wants to maintain the integrity of recruiting, then restrictions are a necessity.

One of the main restrictions that needs to be emphasized is that boosters cannot contact new players. This is especially important for NIL contracts that are contingent on the recruit playing for a particular school. The NCAA is increasing investigations into rules violations, and it is possible that more rules will be implemented.

To reduce misinformation, there is a need for NIL education for all participants in the recruiting process including high school coaches, recruits, and their families (additional information on NIL education). Clearly communicated rules and education will improve the success of all involved in NIL.

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